Domestic Assistance

Toowoomba Community Care offers a range of services to help you stay in your home for longer.

You choose the services you would like to receive and how often you would like to receive them.
If there is a specific service you would like, which is not listed below, please contact us.

Domestic Assistance

Help with household jobs like vacuuming and mopping floors, cleaning the shower and toilet, changing bedlinen, hanging out washing, cleaning out your fridge etc.


Help with making meals and storing food in your home.

Delivered Meals

Delivering meals to your home.


Unassisted shopping to purchase groceries or collect medications.


Our trained staff can help with managing you medication.


Let us help you manage your welfare.


A qualified nurse is on our staff.

How often can I receive this service?

On average, many people choose to receive services either weekly or fortnightly, however we tailor the service depending on your specific need.

When do you provide services?

We will co-design supports with you and deliver services for you so that you can be as independent as possible, feel safe living at home and most importantly so you feel supported to live the life you want. As you change, your support will change with you.

Please be aware, your current provider may charge you an exit fee which will be taken from the funds available in your package. Talk with your current provider to find out if costs apply.

How much will it cost?

We aim to keep our costs as affordable as possible and Commonwealth Government subsidies are available for eligible people. Please contact us for more details or visit My Aged Care.

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Find Out More

Let’s have a discussion about how we can help, or if you would like support to access My Aged Care, please contact us.