Our Story

Where does the name SBcare come from?

Our old name was South Burnett Senior Citizens Welfare Association Incorporated, try saying that when answering the phone. The name did not reflect what we did in the community so some years ago we changed it to SBcare Incorporated, this is still our Association name and we work in our regions with our local brands;


Who we are

We believe that all of the people who live in our communities are important. Our mandate is to support the people in our communities focusing on people who are aged, frail, people with a disability and carers. We are passionate about living our values and supporting the people in our communities to live the life they want by empowering them to design their supports, creating and supporting independence opportunities and by offering a wide quality range of services and providing links to other services to meet people’s needs. We are invested in a holistic approach that is consumer focused.

How we started

Our organisation is a community service not for profit, owned and operated by our community, we re-invest in our community, its businesses, our staff and our clients and we are genuine about what we do.

We started as a welfare committee set up to provide community care by the Toowoomba Senior Citizens Club and now for over thirty years we have serviced our region and are a growing community care service, something we are proud of.

What we do

We provide most community care services across aged and disability care, our services are customer driven and customer focused. We support people with a wide variety of Aged Care services and NDIS services encompassing everything from meals to social opportunities, providing a safe home environment with home maintenance. We can also clean your home or take you shopping, offer care respite or community outings. We can also organise allied health services or nursing services and can link you with other support services. We specialise on bringing NDIS plans to life through service delivery, as well as offering plan management and support coordination services.

Growth and funding

In the past we have been primarily government funded but when aged and disability reforms came on the governments agenda we actively worked to set our organisation up to meet the growing demand and change of funding models. We have shaped our business to meet the inception of the National Disability Insurance Scheme and the changes in aged care. Our focus is on consumer directed care services and the continued development of a passionate and high quality workforce. Today we provide services to hundreds of clients and our growth now is based on consumer demand not government funding.

Where to now

It is important that local organisations who know the local people and communities remain viable and working in and for our communities. We now work across the Toowoomba and the South Burnett and we are developing a new enterprise in the North Burnett. These businesses all operate under the SBcare “mothership” and work to maintain and develop local services, employ local staff and have local management who understand the needs of the people in their own communities.

The upshot

We are a quiet achiever who truly believes we can help make our communities a good place to live by supporting people who are aged, frail, people with a disability and carers. We want people to feel safe and to continue to live in their own homes, to be an active part of their communities and feel that they are supported in reaching their goals, big or small.

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